Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cells may well be the next major advance in medicine. The applications for using Stem Cells broach almost every field of medicine. Current evidence shows Stem Cells are capable of changing into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen, neural tissue, blood vessels and even some organs. Stem Cell Life specialises in the use of the patient’s own (autologous) stem cells extracted from between fat cells. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of this exciting new advancement in medicine.

Medical Treatment

Stem cell treatments are a novel, constantly developing field in medicine, with benefit being found for more and more conditions as increasing numbers of patients choose to undergo the treatment. The most research to date has been in those with joint complaints and arthritis, where hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, spines, wrists, hands and feet have responded positively to treatment.  Typically, more than one joint can be treated in a single treatment session. Immune mediated conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease, and some neurological conditions are also showing improvement with Stem Cell treatment.

Advanced Medicine

There are many clinical trials with stem cells going on right now exploring a very broad and exciting potential for Stem Cells in advancing medicine. At Stem Cell Life, we assess each case on its merits as to suitability for treatment. Please use our online application form to submit an application for selection to undergo this advanced new therapy, or contact us to learn more.

Papers & Articles

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